Welcome To SwordStore.com. We represent many of the finest smiths and artisans making swords and practice blades in Japan today. We provide new custom made swords and iaito, restoration services and a full range of products for martial artist and collector alike.  

SwordStore.com is a subsidiary of Cutting Edge Technologies Inc. (CET, Inc.). We established business in 1991 and became a web store in 1996.
Japanese swords (Shinken, Shinsakuto, Katana) are made by master smiths  (Toshyo). Each smith must be licensed by the Japanese government and use traditional methods in Japanese sword making. Each sword is registered by the Japanese government.
There are approximately 300 registered Toshyo in Japan range from hobbyist to full time makers.  SwordStore.com only works with professional smiths that depend upon their craft for their livelihoods. 
We are committed to providing our clients the best customer experience possible. We strive for uncompromising integrity, thoroughness to detail and to selling only the best products available.

 Besides selling Japanese swords and iaito, Rick has been studying various budo since 1968 and iaido and jodo since 1974. He was motivated by the absence of quality product availability outside of Japan and is dedicated to obtaining the best products available.

Rick Polland, Owner SwordStore.com

  Thank you for your interest in SwordStore.com and for giving us an opportunity to earn your business. Only SwordStore.com offers the finest products, services, and warranty support for Japanese swords and accessories - 


Rick Polland
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