Steel Iaito Custom Designed by you



You can choose an Iai-yo (with Hi) or a Batto-yo (no Hi)

The Iai-yo is a great training tool, perfectly balanced and perfect for kata.  These  blades are sharp, will cut, and should be treated with the same cautionary respect we provide our Japanese Shinken. Typically lighter than the Batto-yo, Iai-yo are capable of cutting as well. When looking at the hi (groove) - think "I-Beam” construction. The Batto-yo, a favorite for extensive cutting has a slightly thicker blade width (mihaba) for greater mass.  The weight is thrown slightly forward, towards the cutting portion of the blade (monouchi) to be a little more “forgiving” of inconsistencies in targets and errors of execution in technique.  Polished, care is taken to make certain that the blades are not tip heavy.

These forged carbon steel blades have real hamon, NOT an acid etched cosmetic applique.  The sword furniture (koshirae) is identical to that mounted on our fine Shinken.

We use a clamshell polish, a jack of all trades, master of none.  When it comes to cutting both soft and hard targets there is no better compromise.

Like our Iaito, you can select standard or solid sterling silver fittings at an increased cost. You can read more about these wonderful training tools on our FAQ page.

Note:  the "Comments to Craftsman" space so that you can let us know of any special requirements you might have in order to construct a sword that is designed to exceed your expectations!


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