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Custom Designed Iaito


Training with a personalized iaito can maximize the desire to improve your training experience...

This observation pertains to our SwordStore.com website as well, as we've made improvements that we hope will enhance and simplify your purchase experience!

Now, YOU have the power to build your iaito from the ground up.  Each option is priced out, allowing you to choose what's important to you and maintain your budget too.

Whether you love the feel of cotton or prefer the durability and sheen of a fine silk wrap woven tightly over a properly formed tsuka and real same' - you can pick and choose each feature!

Allow Japan's most skilled artisans to hand-craft a superbly balanced iaito that will provide the best experience possible for your training needs.

Note:  the "Comments to Craftsman" space so that you can let us know of any special requirements you might have in order to construct a sword that is designed to exceed your expectations!


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