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Identifying "Legitimate" from "Knock-off" Japanese Swords in the Marketplace

There are so many terms in the marketplace today and for some, confusing and misusing the terms makes it more difficult for the rest of us.  I for example do not believe that a blade that is made outside of Japan should ever be called a shinken or "pure blade".  This is a Japanese word that more than infers that the blade in question is of Japanese origin.
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How Do Modern Japanese Blades Compare to Blades Made in Antiquity?

Raw materials shortage and marketing pressures place fine Japanese blades at risk.
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Were Japanese Swords "Any Good" in Combat?

Think in terms of “combative Darwinism” - as technology and tactics improved, weapons changed to face the new realities or battles and wars were lost. Even the Japanese warrior came to understand that the sword was not mightier than the bullet.
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